How do you contact the Whiskey Brothers?

Yes, the Whiskey Brothers are available for hire!  We host Whiskey Wednesdays at the Albatross Pub in Berkeley on the first and third Wednesdays of every month, and play some Bluegrass festivals, but in addition to festivals, the Whiskey Brothers are available to play at your wedding, divorce, rodeo, medical procedure, bar mitzvah (we enjoy playing bars), corporate event, pagan ritual, etc.

For more information, please call Craig at 510-654-3486 or send him a message at

The Whiskey Brothers string trio provides driving Contra Dance music that keeps dancers' feet moving where ever they play. For more info, contact Dave at 510-537-2102 , or E-Mail Dave at

Just listen to what the Santa Barbara Country Dance Society had to say about the Whiskey Brothers' Contra Dance Trio: "Nov 18: This past Sunday at the Carrillo Ballroom was a blast and if you missed it, well, it's now in the past. Jean Gibson-Gorrindo discovered The Whiskey Brothers and the three of them (mandolin, fiddle, guitar) will definitely be invited back! Good sound and great tempo made for a very lively evening!"

How can I buy Official Whiskey Brothers merchandise?

Glad you asked! Do not buy cheap, bootleg Whiskey Brothers knockoffs! Official Whiskey Brothers merchandise is only available at the Whiskey Brothers Official Stuff website. Accept no substitutes!